Path is Paramount.

Fix Your Path. Fix Your Swing.

Fact: All Tour players deliver the clubhead on a proper path to the ball.
Fact: 90% of all recreational golfers do not do this.
Fact: The Chiliwacker trains you to do this on your own.
Fact: It works fast - with every club in your bag.
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Watch how the Chiliwacker can improve your DISTANCE, CONSISTENCY, ACCURACY, and FEEL.
Countless training aids promise this, but how many can prove it? The videos show how the Chiliwacker works and how Trackman verifies the results.
Finally - you’re ready to make the best investment ever in your golf game.

Setup and Initial Use

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Ready to fix your swing? Only $189.95 (free shipping)
“The "in-and-over-loop", a poor pattern of getting the golf club stuck too far inside and being forced out over the top, is a very ingrained pattern for many golfers.  The Chiliwacker is a great tool in combating both these moves.  It allows one to keep the golf club in front of the body, from where it can be dropped onto the correct path and plane coming down.  The Chiliwacker has helped many of my students and I think it is a very effective training device to help develop a more consistent path. Try it and I think you'll see better results in no time!”
Dennis Clark PGA Master Professional; Senior Instruction Advisor,
8 more reasons to add the Chiliwacker to your practice routine.
Adjustable. One size fits all golf training aid for adults and junior golfers.
High or low handicapper. Bumpers adjust for all skill levels, from beginners to Tour players.
Lefties too. Adjusts for Right and Left-handed players.
Lightweight. Only 4.5 lbs, includes integrated carry bag with shoulder strap.
Strong. Aluminum tripod easily holds 100 pounds of weight!
Engineered. Custom molded high impact plastic brackets. Will not break.
Protects your clubs. High density foam yellow bumpers are easy on clubs and last.
Portable. Easy to set up on range, the basement or backyard.
Ready to fix your swing? Only $189.95 (free shipping)
"The ChiliWacker is the best tool available for finding the proper plane and ball flight. It teaches you to work the ball both ways with ease."
Luke Benoit PGA Teaching Professional, Interlachen Country Club, Edina, MN
"The Chiliwacker provides immediate and direct feedback to my students helping them understand how to hit their next shot better."
Jon Reigstad PGA Teaching Professional, Keller Golf Course, St. Paul, MN
Ready to fix your swing? Only $189.95 (free shipping)

Eric “Chili” Chiles – PGA Director of Instruction, Chaska Town Course, Chaska, MN

2013 Minnesota PGA Section Teacher of the Year.

Inventor of the CHILIWACKER.

Eric graduated from Ferris State University in 1997 with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing and Professional Golf Management. He was elected for Class A PGA Membership in 2000. Eric served as PGA Instructor at the noted ESPN Golf Schools with Hank Haney (2003-2009) and was the Director of Instruction at The Wilds Golf Club, Prior Lake, MN (2000-2006). He is currently Director of Instruction at the Chaska Town Course, Chaska, MN, one of the top Municipal golf courses in the Country and Top 10 Public courses in Minnesota.

Eric has taught over 15,000 private lessons and continues to play professionally. Noted as one of the finest short game players in Minnesota he has twice qualified for the PGA Professionals Championship, the most recent being 2017, Sunriver Resort, Oregon.

He is one of a select group of PGA Instructors in Minnesota certified in the use of Trackman and used it in the development and proving-out of the Chiliwacker. As Eric puts it, “I use the Chiliwacker and Trackman to fine tune my game and I use both with my students, helping them get better faster than I had ever imagined. The Chiliwacker provides the “feel” of the golf swing and Trackman verifies the results.”